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Router Buying Guide

How to choose edge routers? You may find answer here.

Buying routers in general, and choosing the correct enterprise edge router in particular, is an important process that involves considerable time and research to get right. In this article, we will explain how edge routers differ from other types of routers and highlight functions of edge routers in typical enterprise deployment scenarios. Finally, we will

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HPE and Aruba

HPE Switches Overview: HPE FlexNetwork Switches & Aruba Switches

When talking about network hardware, which brand come out in your mind firstly? Cisco? Right? It seems Cisco is the most popular brand in the network hardware area. But, now, we must know that more and more companies begin to provide network devices, like HP. Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company (commonly referred to as Hewlett Packard

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5 Rules for a More Accurate Internet Speed Test

Most of us are familiar with those popular Internet speed test services out there. You’ve probably seen some of these sites before, like, Speakeasy, etc. What these sites do is let you test your upload and download bandwidth, giving you some idea about the quality of your connection to the Internet… but how accurate

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How to become CCDE?

CCDE is a certification testing your knowledge of network design and architecture. Building experience in network design can be challenging because the number of roles for people in design is limited and generally requires that you already have a solid background as a Network Engineer. Do you want to know what helped CCDEs on their

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New, New Changes

Hi, I’m I’m glad to tell you my new version released! I’m the mother website of I provide online shopping for network hardware customers. To provide more and better services, I must change myself. Now, I did it! How many changes? Let me tell you one by one. 1.Dynamic design My developers designed

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Top 10 firewall brand

Top 10 firewall brand, Which one is good?

A firewall, also known as a wall, is a network security system that is located between an internal network and an external network. An information security protection system, in accordance with specific rules, allows or restricts the transmission of data through. So what are the firewall brands? 1.Cisco Firewall Cisco’s routers, switches and other devices

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PoE devices

10 minutes to resolve the PoE Problem

  Now more than ever, IT Organizations are making use of Power over Ethernet (PoE) to power end devices such as VoIP Phones, Wireless access points, and even NetBooks. These are often critical business systems that drive important communication services. As the demand for PoE goes up, so does the demand for the amount of

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router in data center

Router in Data Center

Have you ever seen an inside Data Center? Like this: Or this: We can see that Data Center is full of cables and devices. Can you find the routers in these data center? You may say “no”. Yeh, it’s difficult to find a router in these various devices. Those routers seem like very small. However,

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How to Choose a Router for Medium Business

How to Choose a Router for Medium Business?

  Enterprise router is a central enterprise network equipment, is the enterprise data routing, the main channel for data exchange, it is a direct impact on the efficiency of enterprise communications, select the router product is to choose the user needs the cost of the actual product. Mid-range enterprise routers are primarily intended for large

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7 Tips: Setting up a WiFi Network for Small Business

Office Network is important thing for any size business now. Each employee almost can’t work without network. You can image, when you edit an article on the computer and want to send it to your boss. Without network, you may need to print it on paper and catch these pieces of paper to your boss’s

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