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How to become a perfect CCNA?

What is CCNA? The Cisco Certified Network Associate, or CCNA, is a top IT security certification and is one of the most respected certifications in the world. An associate-level certificate for IT networking, it helps candidates boost their professional career with better jobs and higher pay. The CCNA certification proves an individual’s capabilities to configure,

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What kind of your password is the hardest to hack?

  One day, I found a piece of paper in the corner of my drawer. What do you guess on the paper? Well, there was a long long long list of passwords. Almost all of my accounts and passwords were written down on it. Some of the password I even forgot! Nowadays, as the Internet

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cisco isr vs asr

Comparison: Cisco ISR vs ASR

Today I’m going to compare about Cisco ISR and ASR. What is ISR? ISR–Integrated Service Routers, generally used as internet edge for customerswith small/medium networks. But what’s Integrated Service? Wikipedia’s explanation is to say integrated services is an architecture that specifies the elements to guarantee quality of service (QoS) on networks. IntServ can for example be used to allow video and sound to reach

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Big Summer Sale 2017, Up to 75% Off All IT Product

We’re excited to tell you that there is a wide range of Cisco, Huawei, HPE and Dell products at super-sale prices during 2017 Summer Sale. You can find the best price in this time, up to 75% off! Click Here to join in. Which one is your choice? Which one will be selected to your shopping cart? You

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Real-Time Analytics and Deep Telemetry

5 Reasons to Choose Cisco Nexus 9000 Series Switches

The Cisco Nexus Family of products has become extremely popular in small and large data centers thanks to their capability for unifying storage, data and networking services. Thanks to the Cisco Fabric Interconnect they are able not only to support all these services but also provide a rock-solid programmable platform that fully supports any virtualized

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Can Bitcoin replace the traditional Coin?

Months ago, we have heard about the WannaCry Ransomware Attack. These hackers threatened those people who were hacked. The victims must pay some bitcoin to the hackers. However, do you know what the bitcoin is? If your major or job doesn’t belong to Network Technology area, you may say “well, I hear about bitcoin here

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The products end of sale in cisco but still hot in router-switch

For Cisco, products may reach the end of their Product Life Cycle for a number of reasons and then end of sale in Cisco’s official shop. But some products are still hot in major sales platform for their excellent quality and affordable price. Here are the models end of sale in but hot in

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Ethernet Cables and How They Work

Ethernet Cables and How They Work

An Ethernet cable is one of the most popular forms of network cable used on wired networks. Ethernet cables connect devices together within a local area network, like PCs, routers, and switches. Given that these are physical cables, they do have their limitations, both in the distance that they can stretch and still carry proper

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Comparison: why we required Cisco 9500 chassis ?

Today I am going to talk about the fixed core chassis Cisco catalyst 9500 which Cisco released a month back. The Catalyst 9500 Series is the first 40-Gb switch purpose-built for the enterprise campus. Designed for security, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the cloud, the Cisco Catalyst 9500 Series is the next generation of

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catalyst 9400 switches

Cisco Catalyst 9400 Switches: Three Things You Must Know

The day before, we have talked about the Cisco Catalyst 9000 series in our blog. This time, Cisco publishes three series of Catalyst 9000 switches. We have introduced the Catalyst 9300 switches. Today, we are going to talk about Catalyst 9400 series switches. As the datasheet is too long, here we will summarize three things

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