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Top Five Reasons to Choose Managed Switch Over Unmanaged Switch

Switches are boxes that connect a number of other devices together on a Local Area Network (LAN) and utilize what is called packet switching to effectively forward data to and from connections. Generally, There are two types of switch—managed and unmanaged switch. Today we will discuss the differences between the two types and why managed

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Using Cows to Explain the Differences of the Cisco Operating Systems

  Hi, Guys! Can you compare the various Cisco Operating Systems? I have read a post from the Reddit and find an interesting explanation about this topic. In this article, I will describe these operating systems and share the explanation.   (the cows are CPUs or independent processes on the same CPU.) IOS You have

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Comparison: 802.11ac vs 802.11n

It’s not a new thing that users can’t distinguish 802.11ac and 802.11n when using a product datasheet. Today, I will show you the difference between these two. What’s 802.11? IEEE 802.11 is a set of media access control (MAC) and physical layer (PHY) specifications for implementing wireless local area network (WLAN) computer communication in the

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What is CFP?

100G optical module is an important part of high-speed optical transmission network, some people say that the optical module in the entire communication system, there is a position as a deputy gates. The rapid development of fiber-optic network, the communications industry people are obvious to all, 100G optical module as the mainstay to the 5G

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Six steps to connect a router to a router

Do you want to know how to connect one router to another to expand your Network? In this article, I’ll show you how to add a secondary router to your home. Any router can be configured as just a “wireless access point”. You can create a separate private network (configuring a separate IP address range)

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Huawei ONT Products Overview (OLT vs. ONU vs. ONT)

Today, we are going to talk about Huawei ONT Products. Wait! I have a Question! Can you compare among OLT, ONU and ONT? We will see these three nouns when we’re talking about GPON. What are their differences? To describe simply, OLT means Optical Line Terminal. ONU is the Optical Network Unit. ONT means Optical

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The related nouns about Cisco

As we know, Cisco is the worldwide leader in IT and networking. As a leading networking device pioneer, Cisco has a lot to do with many nouns. Today we are going to introduce some common ones.Cisco Systems, Inc. (known as Cisco) is an American multinational technology conglomerate headquartered in San Jose, California, in the center of

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What’s the difference among the Cisco Catalyst 9500, Cisco Catalyst 4500 and Cisco 3850 Switches?

Today we talk about the fixed core chassis Cisco catalyst 9500. Cisco 9500 is actually enhanced version of Cisco catalyst 4500 chassis and also Cisco 3850 Switch. There are lot of other best features in Cisco 9500 Chassis as some of the features are just amazing in this device. So we have Cisco 3850, Cisco 4500

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How to become a perfect CCNA?

What is CCNA? The Cisco Certified Network Associate, or CCNA, is a top IT security certification and is one of the most respected certifications in the world. An associate-level certificate for IT networking, it helps candidates boost their professional career with better jobs and higher pay. The CCNA certification proves an individual’s capabilities to configure,

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What kind of your password is the hardest to hack?

  One day, I found a piece of paper in the corner of my drawer. What do you guess on the paper? Well, there was a long long long list of passwords. Almost all of my accounts and passwords were written down on it. Some of the password I even forgot! Nowadays, as the Internet

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