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connect C6807-XL with Cisco 6800ia switches

6 Steps to Connect C6807-XL with Cisco 6800ia Switches

As campus backbone switch, in order to simplify campus network deployment for users, Cisco Catalyst 6800 series switch provides a special function, the Catalyst Instant Access. What is Cisco Catalyst Instant Access? Instant Access is a solution that uses Cisco IOS ® Software to connect Cisco ® Catalyst 6800ia access switches to Cisco Catalyst 6500

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Cisco 2960 with function of layer 2 switch

How to Configure Cisco 2960 S to Route?

It’s known that Cisco 2960 series are layer 2 switches, but now, we will configure Cisco 2960 s to route so that it has the functions of layer 3 switches. Generally speaking, the Switch Database Management template (SDM) needs to be changed to “Lanbase-routing”. A reboot is (always) needed after changing the SDM template. After

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