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Find the Right Huawei Transmission Network Models

Huawei transmission network is used to ultra-broadband, simplified, and intelligent enterprise transport networks.What are the features of Huawei transmission network?How to select and identify the right transmission network for your needs? Huawei Transmission Network product includes MSTP and WCM. MSTP: MSTP is the multi-service transport platform based on SDH. It inherits SDHs protection, recovery and OAM

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10 things you must know for maintaining Huawei Access Network

Someone has problems about daily operation and maintenance of access network product when they buying Huawei Access Network products. We chose the 10 most frequently asked questions.Let’s explore these questions.Please check it now! Q.What is the default password of OLT? A. • The default user name and password of the MA5800 are root and admin123.

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Huawei ONT Products Overview (OLT vs. ONU vs. ONT)

Today, we are going to talk about Huawei ONT Products. Wait! I have a Question! Can you compare among OLT, ONU and ONT? We will see these three nouns when we’re talking about GPON. What are their differences? To describe simply, OLT means Optical Line Terminal. ONU is the Optical Network Unit. ONT means Optical

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