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Cisco compact switches

Cisco Switch functions and types of switch comparisons

The common functions of switches on an Ethernet network: Switches work at Layer 2 of the OSI model, not Layer 1 like a hub; Switches switch Ethernet frames; Switches don’t look at IP address information, only Ethernet MAC addresses; Switches keeps a table of all MAC addresses traversing the switch and what port they are on

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3 ways to connect Cisco router to AP

3 Best Options of Connecting Cisco Router to Wireless Access Point

Setting up a wireless local area network (LAN) has many benefits. However, you must make sure that you install the correct equipment to take advantage of those benefits. A wireless home network requires a router and access points in order to function. It’s important to choose the right wireless access points for your router. Also,

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Install Cisco 2960

How to Install Cisco 2960 8-Port Switches?

1 Install the Mounting Screws on Top of a Desk or Shelf. 1)  Use the template to align the mounting screw holes and position the screw template on top of the desk or shelf so that the two side-by-side slots face the front of the desk or shelf. This ensures that the power cord faces

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configure the Cisco 2960 switch

How to Configure Cisco 2960 Switches Step by Step?

The Cisco Catalyst 2960 switch comes preconfigured and only needs to be assigned basic security information before being connected to a network. To use an IP-based management product or Telnet with a Cisco switch, you must configure a management IP address. Now, let’s share the basic configuration of the Cisco 2960 switch using Cisco IOS

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